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Times Two - A-Frame

Times Two


Out of stock

Quick Overview: “Two Times the fun. A modern take on a retro styled Twin. Ride with MR styled fins for performance or a Keel fin for vibes & flow.”


OUTLINE: Modern Retro Fish

ENTRY ROCKER: Flat Entry. Easy Paddling. Fast.

EXIT ROCKER: Flat. Built for Speed.

CONCAVE: Single through to rolled Vee

TAIL: Swallow

FIN: Twin. Speed Demon.

Lee Stacey

5’619 3/42 3/830.3
5’8202 1/233.2
5’920 1/42 1/234
5’1020 1/22 5/836.8
5’1120 7/82 3/439.8
6’021 3/82 7/843.1

Available in 50/50 Technology:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; The 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with a high grade fiberglass cloth laminated with specifically placed carbon reinforcement to control flex.


5'4, 5'6, 5'8