Return Of The Jam

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Quick Overview: “The swell has been small, but the local point break has been perfect for taking my boy surfing. Mini waves zipping down the line. Luckily, I had my old Summer Jam from 2013 in the garage. This got me thinking. What if we tweaked it just a touch by pulling in the nose slightly, removing the vee bottom and add some concave so you could turn harder and faster?

Summer 2016 sees “The Return Of The Jam”, the sequel to the Summer Jam. It still has a really flat deck that gives you a skateboard feel. It’s got added concave with vee in the tail to help generate speed and easy rail-to-rail transition. This time around, we’ve narrowed the nose ever so slightly so you can turn quicker. Five fins for versatility. Sequels have never been so much fun. Make sure you check out the ‘Return Of The Jam’ this Summer”


•    SUPER FLAT DECK: Control & Stability

•    MID BOXY RAIL: Helps plow through bump. The harder bottom edge creates bite for direction.

•    VEE THROUGH TAIL: Easy Turning.

•    FLAT: Fast planing and down the line glide.

•    NEUTRAL FEEL: Suits back or front-footed surfing.

•    ALL LEVELS: Novice to Shredder.

•    5 FIN: Quad or Thruster (Quad Recommended)

Lee Stacey


5’0192 3/1623.45
5’219 1/42 1/425.26
5’419 1/22 5/1627.26
5’519 5/82 5/1628.28
5’619 3/42 3/828.99
5’719 7/82 3/830.12
5’8202 7/1631.78
5’920 1/42 9/1634.36
5’1020 1/22 5/835.93
5’1120 5/82 3/438.34
6’020 3/42 3/439.39
6’121 1/42 7/844.08
6’221 1/4345.28

Available in 50/50 Technology:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; The 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with a high grade fiberglass cloth laminated with specifically placed carbon reinforcement to control flex.


5'4, 5'7