Neptunes Ride

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Quick Overview: “With a wider, shorter template with plenty of volume and a 5-fin setup, we introduce you to Neptunes Ride. With a nice soft rail, single into a double concave with vee out the back and a nice round tail, this board catches almost anything and is a tonne of fun. The Neptune Ride by Stacey is best suited to knee to overhead waves and gives you the speed and paddle power to catch just about anything and carve nicely while still allowing you to get tight and critical in the pocket. “ Lee Stacey


5’719 5/82 3/828.41
5’819 3/42 3/829.09
5’919 7/82 3/829.73
5’1020 1/42 1/232.32
5’1120 3/82 1/232.98
6’020 1/22 5/835.71
6’220 3/42 3/438.14
6’420 7/82 3/440.34

Available in 50/50 Technology:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; The 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with a high grade fiberglass cloth laminated with specifically placed carbon reinforcement to control flex.


5'7, 5'9