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Machine Head - A-Frame

Machine Head

4,500.00 InStock

Quick Overview:

The Machine Head can be trusted to handle whatever you throw at it…

Just like your trusty 5150, The Machine Head will get the job done. Even after all those shows in tiny rooms & sweaty underground clubs. It’s going to constantly do what you need it to, even when under pressure. Trusted to handle whatever you throw at it. Shred on…


Contemporary Modern – Easy to surf & performance based shortboard
entryEntry Rocker
Mid – Instant speed & carry over flatter sections
exitExit Rocker
Low – Drive & Speed & Control
Single to Double + Vee – Safe & Settled with Vee giving rail transition ease
Straight Hip to Squash – Tried and tested
thrusterFin Setup
Thruster – Who doesn’t like 3 fins?