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Jalapeno - A-Frame


2,690.003,090.00 InStock

Quick Overview: “The volume in the Jalapeño is distributed to encourage paddle power yet stay agile off the tail with a refined rounded pin.

Designed as a versatile all round performance model the Jalapeño has a single to double concave with a slight vee in the tail allowing for speed control and release during high speed rail turns. The Jalapeño is a great option for the one board surfer looking for a model that can be surfed in just about any conditions from 2 to 3 feet beach breaks to over head hollow waves. The extra width through the nose and slightly reduced entry rocker makes the Jalapeño easy to paddle and fast from the take off. The versatile 5 fin setup adds to its diversity and allows surfing in hollow, barreling waves.”

Jonno Cole

5’218 3/42 3/824.45
5’4192 7/1626.26
5’619 1/42 1/228.12
5’819 1/22 9/1630.1
5’1019 3/42 5/832.15
5’11202 5/833.05
6’020 1/42 11/1634.75
6’220 3/42 3/436.98
6’420 3/42 7/840.11