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Double Diamond - A-Frame

Double Diamond

3,790.00 InStock

Quick Overview: “The double diamond is a small wave board with range that paddles well, drives over the dead sections, and can also fit into the pocket.

It’s slightly curved planshape and diamond tail negates that overly stiff feel that wide straight swallow tails can get. These lines allow the board to be pumped for speed and snapped hard in the pocket. The 5 fin configuration extends on it’s versatility.

The double concave in the tail adds the bite that is needed to give grip when the waves get a little bigger.”

Greg Webber

5’419 1/42 1/824
5’619 1/22 1/427
5’819 3/42 3/829
5’10202 1/232
6’020 1/42 5/835
6’221 1/42 11/1639
6’421 1/22 3/442
6’621 3/42 3/444
6’8222 3/446
6’1022 1/42 13/1648
7’022 1/22 7/851

Available in Vector Flex Technology & Traditional PU:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; Vector Flex technology combines a lightweight EPS core with  Vector Net and Epoxy resin.