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  • 3 Peat

    3 Peat


    “A retro Thruster for waves 1 to 4 feet. Blended with 80′s and 90′s style rails, flatter deck and original Thruster plan-shape featuring a single flyer moved back to 8″ up from the tail. The bottom has single concave going to double concave through vee in the back half of the board helping with rail to rail efficiency on a wide board with concave speed.
    3 Peat will give you the feel of the 80′s incorporating a blend of the right now.
    The rocker is close to 80′s flatter style providing good stand there speed in trim but with enough lift to keep the concave vee combo loose. Flatter deck and rails feel good to paddle and stand on compared to modern rolled deck. The RSQ tail has a fair bit of area for flat line speed and works in with the flyer at 8 for smooth bottom turns or cutbacks on the longer rail line, to sharp direction changes in the pocket when you rock to the back foot and apply pressure to the flyer.”

    Simon Anderson


  • All Round Nugget

    All Round Nugget


    “This design is the first Nugget I shaped in 1994.
    Proven to be a very versatile performer in a wide range of wave conditions from 1′ ~ 8′ all around the surfing world; thicker wider and shorter with more volume and buoyancy than you have had before, easy to paddle and catch waves, easy to control, with more speed than you have had in years! When it starts to barrel, you will be laughing.”

    Geoff McCoy


  • Astron Zot

    Astron Zot


    “Astron Zot is a shorter wider thicker version of the All Round Nugget design.

    Astron Zot designs are completely unique in all aspects; the plan shape is a beautifully balanced ellipse, which blends with the thickness balance, combining with perfect rocker curves, flowing into the loaded dome located under the back foot for maximum control.

    These features blend into the softened bottom rail, with a 60-40 balance; the softened bottom rail runs right through the board into the tail area, providing the board with greater holding qualities on hollow waves, eliminating the need to add extra fins.

    The softening or opening up of the bottom, allows the rail to hold on steep walls giving the board a wider range of performance advantages, such as, more overall control, which eliminates catching of the rail forward and giving the single fin support, cancelling the need for any extra fins to be added; this, then allows the single fin to operate properly, doing very short quick arcs, carving from rail to rail, with constant flow and speed, with no catching or bogging of the rails.

    These subtle changes have increased the board’s performance possibilities greatly; this allows the single fin to perform with greater control by the surfer, while carrying out the manoeuvres easily; where other fin combinations struggle to perform and make it difficult to control the multiple reactions, caused by the contours and release factors of the board.

    Astron Zot designs are for wave size 1’ ~ 6’ in any conditions, their performance capabilities have to be experienced to be believed; very quick with fast positive reactions, short arc, up beat , FUN surfing.”

    Geoff McCoy

  • Batmoboard



    “One of the original Vampirate boards the Batmoboard started from wanting more thickness in a shortboard. Ozzie says “I’d been riding fishes religiously for so long that it became tricky to jump off my fish and adapt to regular short boards so this was the perfect board for me. I ride it at about the 6 foot length, it has cool beveled rails that allow for the extra thickness for paddle glide, smooth power surfing and for throwing down the big clean airs. Yep Gnech has done good here…” De na na na na na de na na na na na na na nan a batmoboard batmoboard….”
    Mark Gnech

  • Black Bean

    Black Bean


    “Short, wide, fast and fun the Aloha Black Bean has a short rail line that fits perfectly into the smallest pocket. The small curvy outline helps in the weakest of beach breaks by decreasing drag and increasing speed which is the key to this little pocket rocket. The medium to low rail helps to draw out turns and control speed which the Black Bean has in spades!

    The flat entry rocker enables instant acceleration when combined with a single to double concave allowing full control at speed, the subtle diamond tail provides multiple pivot points for turning in the most critical sections of dumpy little shore breaks. For experienced surfers ride this little whip 1 or 2 litres in volume above your standard short board or for the intermediate surfers go up 6 to 8 litres and take full advantage of the paddle power and stability.

    Jonno Cole

  • Bullfrog


    With THE BULLFROG, you’ll surf when nobody else can.

    It’s short, fat and ugly. A dweller in waves that you’d normally never look twice at. THE BULLFROG is going to be invading your local line-up this Summer!

    Inspired by a less than impressive Spring period on the East Coast of Australia comes a board that will have you hunting slop. A low entry rocker, combined with a vee bottom helps make this board one of the easiest paddling boards you’ll ever surf. The short, fun outline comes standard as 5 fin set-up to give you more versatility.

  • Double Diamond

    Double Diamond


    “The double diamond is a small wave board with range that paddles well, drives over the dead sections, and can also fit into the pocket.

    It’s slightly curved planshape and diamond tail negates that overly stiff feel that wide straight swallow tails can get. These lines allow the board to be pumped for speed and snapped hard in the pocket. The 5 fin configuration extends on it’s versatility.

    The double concave in the tail adds the bite that is needed to give grip when the waves get a little bigger.”

    Greg Webber

  • Fun ÷ Mid

    Fun ÷ Mid


    “Mid – three mid length sizes 6’8 to 7’6 that will ensure your wave count is always at maximum. The Fun Division Mid-length is for surfers not really wanting to commit to a full sized longboard but still want to nose ride and trim. This division is suited to all levels of surfer from beginner to advanced.

    Jonno Cole

  • Fun ÷ Small

    Fun ÷ Small


    “Small – three sizes from 5’8 to 6’4 built to cover the more advanced elements of surfing whilst still focusing on fun. The Fun Division small offers the most diversity through its multiple fin configuration, ride as a single fin for that flowing feeling that only a single fin can deliver.

    Need more control? Why not add side bights to the single fin for increased performance or remove the single fin and ride as a quad when the waves are fast and hollow.”

    Jonno Cole

  • Gravedigger Twin

    Gravedigger Twin


    Twin Fin Wide swallow tail.

    Modern version of a Simmons fish – vee to deep single concave.

    Super fun wide flat board, fast and loose, amazing in little waves. It planes like a jet.

    Cheater 5 tube jive is now too easy.

  • Inflatable Mattress

    Inflatable Mattress


    “This speed machine is an incredible grovel board

    Super short thick and wide and really easy to ride in the small stuff making average days into the best days ever!

    You can sleep on them too”

    Mark Gnech


  • Lazor Zap

    Lazor Zap


    “Created for quick, short arc, high performance surfing. Ridden into popularity by the amazing feats of the great Cheyne Horan who’s achievements with these boards is now legendary.

    Cheyn Horan rode the Lazor Zap to 4 second places in the World Surfing Titles proving that this design concept was exceptional. Those second places are still highly questionable and controversial.

    The concept of the Lazor Zap is based on my Energy Theory, how that Energy turns into Wave Formation and how Objects react with those Formations. The Original Lazor Zap was designed with Short Arc, Reactive High Powered Surfing in mind. The Surfer was able to stand in 1 position, not having to move their feet to perform their manouvers and this is exactly how the boards performed. The Pulled Nose allowed the board to Elevate very quickly as it reduced the Length of Rail being used when the board is turning. In turn this allowed for more manouvers to be performed while the Surfer was Standing in a Fixed Position on the Wide Thick Supportive Tail which generates Greater Pressure and Easier Reaction. The advantages were many, easier to paddle, stand in one position to ride the wave, quicker reaction from the extra volume, easier turning from less resistance, and ability to Surf at a Faster Speed; in effect everything required of them the Lazor Zap Designs Delivered at all levels of performance.”

    Geoff McCoy

  • Micro


    “The Micro has a round nose, pointed round tail combination outline and is flat rockered with a touch of extra tail lift. The bottom configuration is a single concave up front into a double concave Vee with a thruster fin set up. The fuller outline and flat rocker makes catching waves easy and the “Micro” is like a flying sled that fire up in just about all conditions.”


  • Neptunes Ride

    Neptunes Ride


    “With a wider, shorter template with plenty of volume and a 5-fin setup, we introduce you to Neptunes Ride. With a nice soft rail, single into a double concave with vee out the back and a nice round tail, this board catches almost anything and is a tonne of fun. The Neptune Ride by Stacey is best suited to knee to overhead waves and gives you the speed and paddle power to catch just about anything and carve nicely while still allowing you to get tight and critical in the pocket. “ Lee Stacey


  • Return Of The Jam

    Return Of The Jam


    “The swell has been small, but the local point break has been perfect for taking my boy surfing. Mini waves zipping down the line. Luckily, I had my old Summer Jam from 2013 in the garage. This got me thinking. What if we tweaked it just a touch by pulling in the nose slightly, removing the vee bottom and add some concave so you could turn harder and faster?

    Summer 2016 sees “The Return Of The Jam”, the sequel to the Summer Jam. It still has a really flat deck that gives you a skateboard feel. It’s got added concave with vee in the tail to help generate speed and easy rail-to-rail transition. This time around, we’ve narrowed the nose ever so slightly so you can turn quicker. Five fins for versatility. Sequels have never been so much fun. Make sure you check out the ‘Return Of The Jam’ this Summer”


    •    SUPER FLAT DECK: Control & Stability

    •    MID BOXY RAIL: Helps plow through bump. The harder bottom edge creates bite for direction.

    •    VEE THROUGH TAIL: Easy Turning.

    •    FLAT: Fast planing and down the line glide.

    •    NEUTRAL FEEL: Suits back or front-footed surfing.

    •    ALL LEVELS: Novice to Shredder.

    •    5 FIN: Quad or Thruster (Quad Recommended)

    Lee Stacey


  • Revolution Machine

    Revolution Machine


    “Quad fin wide swallow tail.
    Modern version of a Simmons fish – vee to deep single concave.
    Super fun wide flat board, fast and loose, amazing in little waves. It planes like a jet.”

    Mark Gnech