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Quick Overview: “Quad-option roundtail Thruster, short fat summer board with a blend of performance for 1 to 3 feet surf. Wider and fuller nose, low rocker, medium volume rails on a thicker board with deep single to double concave and vee at the tail.

Designed for fatter slow waves, Spudster has good paddle power to get you up and going when there’s not much there. Surf as a quad to cut shorter, sharper arcs on the wave face, or as a Thruster for more of a carve feel.”

Simon Anderson


5’419 1/42 3/1624
5’619 1/22 1/426
5’920 1/42 7/1631
5’1120 3/42 9/1635
6’0212 5/836
6’221 1/22 11/1639
6’421 1/22 11/1640
6’621 3/42 3/443

Vector Flex has been engineered to maintain stiffness through the center while increasing flex through the nose and tail utilizing a combination of netting and fiberglass that has been designed to withstand high velocity impact resulting in a natural flex pattern and connection to the wave face that is lacking in other EPS/Epoxy surfboards!