Magic Mushroom

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Quick Overview: “The Magic Mushroom is a shorter, wider version of a standard shortboard that allows you shorten the arc of your turn, surf tight in the pocket, and generate exceptional speed.

Extra width positioned through the center of the board compensates for the reduction in length, while the rocker profile and bottom contours mimic that of a high performance shortboard. The hip positioned just forward of the fins reduces the tail width to maintain the rail-to-rail sensitivity and response of a much narrower board.

Available in XF Technology and PU, the Mushy is ideal for anyone looking to maximize their performance and enjoyment in day-to-day conditions.
The smaller sizes will have advanced riders exploring above the lip, the bigger sizes will suit heavier riders who want to surf to their full potential. Surf the Mushy approximately 4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard.”

Jonno Cole

5’4192 1/822
5’619 1/42 1/425
5’819 1/22 1/427
5’1019 3/42 3/829
6’0202 7/1631
6’220 1/22 1/233
6’4212 5/837
6’621 1/22 3/440