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Quick Overview:

“The BEAN transfers the performance features of a standard shortboard into a more compact design that’s incredibly fast and responsive in small-to-medium size waves. A generous nose template distributes extra volume into the front half of the board, while added width through the centre creates a platform for immediate drive and start-up acceleration.

Low entry rocker further enhances speed; this is offset by moderate rocker through the tail which helps to maintain manoeuvrability in steeper waves. The BEAN retains the thickness, rail volume and foil of a performance shortboard and combines a shallow single-to-double concave with vee running out through the tail. The result is a board that’s frisk, lively and a ton of fun.

Ride the BEAN 3-to-6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard. The versatility of the BEAN is further enhanced with a tri-quad fin configuration allowing it to be set up as a thruster or a quad”

Jonno Cole

5’318 1/22 3/1622
5’6192 1/424
5’919 1/22 5/1627
6’0202 3/830
6’220 3/82 7/1633
6’420 5/82 9/1634
6’6212 5/838
6’921 1/22 3/442